2022 What to Expect At Uni

There is absolutely no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed just about every single aspect of our lives. One demographic which has been particularly hit hard by this has been students and those approaching university age. With all of this being said, there is little doubt that those students who will be enrolling to start in 2022 are going to face a very different reality to those who have been through university in years gone by.

Students should be expecting something very different from their studies, and here are the main differences which they are going to be facing.

Student Accommodation

By the time that students enroll for 2022 it is highly likely that both will be fully vaccinated and as protected as they can be from the Covid-19 virus. With this being said however, student accommodation is going to look a little different. This will be extended to any residential college or halls of residence. Universities are basically going to be in the situation whereby they do not want to encourage behaviors which could cause a spread of the virus. This is why we can expect there to be rules on the number of people in rooms, how students fraternize and the measures which they must take prior to doing so.

General Rules Around Campus

Sadly, and in spite of the range of preventative measures, there will still be a wide range of rules in place around the virus. To be completely honest, we can expect face mask wearing, regular hand washing and temperature checks to be made whilst on campus.


Whilst we are still unsure just how serious things will become, based off todays rules we can expect forced quarantine for any student who feels unwell. When it comes to student accommodation Melbourne university already have rules in place regarding students who have symptoms. Time will tell as to whether or not this will continue in the coming year, but early signs are that it most certainly will.

Home Learning

As more and more universities look to protect their students against the threat of this virus, we can certainly expect to see a heavier dependence on technology for students. This could mean lessons from dorm rooms via video link, it could also mean more self teaching for students. This of course will mean that students severely miss out on that human interaction which they enjoy so much during their time at university, but it could be the best way for them to safely study and continue their time at university.

As the months have passed with this pandemic the rules and restrictions have changed, and that is something which we will certainly continue to see between now and the beginning of the 2022 year. As it stands however, these are the restrictions which we can anticipate based on the situation as it currently stands. What kind of restrictions do you think we will see in the next year?

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