5 Top Skills to be Successful in the Banking Sector

The continued increase in spending on infrastructure, implementation of several new projects, and the consequent growth in demand for credit is expected to continue driving the Indian banking and finance segment. The growth in the segment is being further fueled by the advancement in technology and the increased adoption of mobile and the internet. Services like UPI payments and online banking have led the sector to upgrade its infrastructure and services, creating new job opportunities.

If you wish to become a part of this industry you need to acquire certain basic skills that will help you perform your job well.  You can choose to join courses in finance after graduation or do part-time banking and finance courses along with your graduation to get an insight into the working of the industry.

Skills for Banking and Finance Jobs

Here are some essential skills for jobs in the banking sector:

  • Knowledge about Banking and Finance – The basic criteria for entering the banking and finance segment is to be aware of its functioning. You can join banking and finance courses that help you not only learn the basics of the industry but also teach you about the latest tax policies, finance and accounting standards and much more. Courses which offer you knowledge about handling TDS or GST-related matters are highly useful.
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills -The perception that a career in finance and banking involves only dealing with numbers is not true. Good written and verbal communication skills are a must for any industry. They help you interact with your seniors, colleagues and even clients effectively. The ability to explain complex information to clients and customers in a simple manner is an essential skill for carrying out your banking job perfectly. Go for finance certification courses that include knowledge of MS Excel and presentation skills in their curriculum.
  • Basic Tech Knowledge – At a time when banks are fast adopting the latest technologies and software to carry out their work, it is essential for the employees to be either well-versed with the same or have the willingness to learn. If you are looking for an accounting job, opt for an accounting and finance course that helps you gain expertise in Tally and ERP 9 software to maintain accounts.
  • Ability to Handle Pressure – The ability to handle pressure is one of the key skills required for performing a banking job efficiently. Good knowledge in software such as Finacle that are used for effective management and use of customer interaction records and information can help you handle the pressure better.
  • Attention to Detail – Banking and finance is one segment where even a small mistake or a typographical error can lead to much bigger problems. So if you are planning to enter this segment, you should develop the habit of looking at all information closely and in detail. This will help you to catch even minor mistakes or inconsistencies easily and help avoid bigger problems.

Other traits like time-management and multi-tasking are also very helpful when you working in the banking segment. You can educate yourself about the banking segment, its functioning and the latest software and tools used by it by joining banking and finance courses from a reputed institute.

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