6 Benefits of Pursuing PGDM in India

It takes a lot of research to decide on a professional path. Choosing a suitable course after high school is necessary to give you a trajectory for a successful career in the future. If you have a strong inclination toward finance and management, earning a master’s degree in business administration might be the right fit. This article discusses the benefits of pursuing a PGDM or Postgraduate Diploma in Management from any reputed Indian B-school.

Benefits of Pursuing PGDM Course

There are a plethora of benefits to pursuing a PGDM program in India. The PGDM course has an array of modules ranging from finance, business administration and organisational management to banking, accountancy and corporate law, among others. This makes the PGDM a highly sought-after and comprehensive course. The PGDM program provides students with a competitive edge in the global economy by providing the breadth of knowledge they need to succeed in various professional settings.

Here are six of the most crucial benefits of pursuing  PGDM programs in India:

1)       Develops your Personality

A Postgraduate Diploma in Management programme improves the overall knowledge of the student to help them grow as executives, managers or entrepreneurs in the corporate world. Classroom instruction, role-playing, celebrity guests, field excursions, apprenticeships, and other personal growth and development help students strengthen their analytical reasoning, decision-making and interpersonal skills. Personality development also helps students in getting better placements during recruitment cycles since communication and interpersonal skills are very important in such interviews.

2)       Builds Professional Networks

People in positions of authority are incredibly resourceful. Good connections with pioneers in the various industrial domains are integral for success in the field of your choosing. You’ll learn early on in your PGDM degree just how crucial it is to build relationships and networks with experts in other fields and fields of study. This is due to the internships and industrial projects associated with the PGDM degree programme.

All of the top PGDM programs hire renowned professors with academic and professional backgrounds in business. These experts in the field take it upon themselves to guide their students toward becoming exceptional adults. Thus, networking and building professional connections are essential in the process of pursuing a PGDM degree as well.

3)       Helps Acquire New Skill Sets

A PGDM programme helps students advance their careers by providing in-demand management and leadership training, which prepares them for the job market through various certification courses or seminar sessions. Managerial, organisational, leadership and analytical skills are a few skills you will develop while pursuing a PGDM degree from a recognised Indian B-school.

While pursuing your PGDM degree, you will acquire a wide range of practical knowledge and abilities in diverse domains such as critical thinking, strategic thinking, agile methodology, and communication sciences, to name a few. You will also meet and interact with industry-leading professionals and be mentored by expert faculty. All of which help create new skill sets required by the industry today.

4)       Several Financial Advantages

The significant part about a PGDM is that it may lead to a very lucrative career, especially if you earn it from an established Indian B-school such as an IIM or XLRI. Even at entry-level, many high-performing PGDM graduates may expect an annual pay package of almost INR 20 lakhs. The average worker without a PGDM degree does not receive a salary even remotely so high. They also host employment fairs and partner with some of the nation’s top companies. No effort is spared in getting students the best possible job opportunities.

Besides, you will have plenty of chances to make connections in the business world that might lead to a pre-placement offer. Students can also avail a financial advantage by enrolling in a PGDM program at one of the most prestigious universities, as banks are more willing to extend low-interest loans to students attending AICTE-approved colleges. Further, they are more inclined to work with these students to create conducive repayment plans that make sense after they find stable employment.

5)       Interactive Learning Space

In a typical PGDM program, there is a homogeneous blend of both classroom and experiential learning modules. The lectures have smart class facilities and multimedia at top-tier B-schools, and the students are encouraged to be inquisitive. There may also be several role-playing exercises, ice-breaker sessions, project presentations, etc.

Moreover, PGDM courses attract some of the country’s sharpest brains, which means immense competition among the classes in terms of academics as well. This also helps create a healthy, engaging and interactive learning space. There are often several networking events held at B-schools for the same.

6)       Interdisciplinary Scope

Indian B-schools that provide PGDM programs ensure that the material covered in the classes is relevant and up-to-date regarding the market and industry standards. This course is versatile and includes modules that cover a myriad of professional fields such as marketing, computer applications for business, business analytics, organisational behaviour, labour law and compliance, and banking and accounting, to name a few.

The scope of a PGDM degree is vast, even in terms of employment opportunities after graduation. Businesses from domains such as finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, and logistics, among others, eagerly recruit qualified PGDM graduates. There is also an added scope for research or academia as well as entrepreneurship.

Concluding Remarks

Some other significant PGDM course details include the two-year duration of the programme, divided into four semesters. The PGDM eligibility criteria vary depending on the B-school, graduation, entrance exam scores, etc. Moreover, students who desire to work in managerial positions and corporate setups should enrol in a PGDM program. It guarantees high compensation for those who can lead and manage teams. A solid leadership foundation is necessary to receive increased pay after a PGDM degree.

Any undergraduate or active professional can pursue a PGDM online or through distance learning. The online course assists students and professionals who are limited by time and money. Since a PGDM program welcomes students from all undergraduate degrees, it gives them an excellent opportunity to change or accelerate their professional paths. Professionals with extensive work experience also have the potential to advance their career graphs since most B-schools providing a PGDM degree don’t usually distinguish based on age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a PGDM better than MBA?

No, both the PGDM degree and the MBA program offer similar course structures and career prospects. However, it also depends on the specialisations, faculty and the B-school chosen by the candidate.

  • What is the scope of PGDM?

The scope of a PGDM degree is vast. It contains modules from various industry domains and offers an array of placement opportunities after successful completion.

  • Are PGDM courses worth it?

Yes, PGDM courses are definitely worth it. It provides a significant step up after bachelor’s programs. It offers lucrative pay packages and diversifies your skill sets

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