When we think of home, we think of the comfort and warmth that those four walls radiate. For some, starting college means leaving the comfort of the house. You have to go away for higher education and work towards building your own home. Finding another home away from home is never easy. You need similar comforts and warmth. The best way to do that is by residing in The Arc Winnipeg. The housing facility offered by them has been designed to cater to the students. They provide holistic residence solutions to students. Here is what makes them the best and most sort after student residence.

Luxurious and comfortable rooms

The ideal room should be comfortable. Good sleep is essential, each room has a luxurious bed so you can sleep well. There is a kitchen or a kitchenette attached to each room. It will enable you to cook your favourite meals when you are missing home. The Arc has ensured that each room is equipped with WiFi. The Internet plays a crucial role in the life of all students. You need it not only for school work but also for streaming your favourite shows and movies. To make streaming easier for you, they have installed Smart TVs in each room.

Easy Access to Right Businesses

Student life is busy. There are moments when you forget to carry out essential chores. If you have to go too far for anything, the distance will act as a deterrent. There are multiple businesses on the ground floor of the building. Right behind the building is the Real Canadian Super Store. If you run out of groceries or need your favourite snack, all you have to do is go down and go behind the building. There are many famous restaurants which are situated around.

Necessary Amenities

The Arc aims to create a student community with their luxury residence. The building has a resort-quality gym on the premises. You can also pay attention to your physical health. There are business centres and a world-class study lounge.

Easy Commutation

The commutation to college and other parts of the city should be easy from the housing facility. The Arc is situated right across the street from the University of Manitoba. There is a bus stop right outside the building. Making it easier for you to go to other parts of the city.

Community Assistance

When moving out of home, you are bound to be anxious about all the plausible situations playing out which were taken care of by the adults of the house. Like taking care of issues related to electricity and water. During your stay, if any issue with the water supply, you can simply reach out to the community assistance. It has been set up to help the residents with anything in the building. It is students helping out other students. Whatever you need help with, they will be there for you. Having the help you need will enable you to be stress-free.

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