Key Reading Skills to Teach Your Child Before Kindergarten

You’ve picked the school; everything is ready to go, and your kid will be starting kindergarten soon. But are they ready for this next chapter in their life? Getting your child ready for kindergarten isn’t just about choosing a school and getting their books in order. Here are some key reading skills you can develop with your child before they depart for their first day at kindergarten.

Follow these activities to help improve your child’s reading skills.

Patterns of Language

Teaching your child nursery rhymes and children’s songs is a great way to teach them about the pattern of language. If you live in a bilingual household, try to expose your child to both languages using games, books and online videos. YouTube videos are great for singing and learning songs, but you should rely solely on them. Try get your child to sing along or hum the tune of a song. Have fun with these activities to improve their understanding of language patterns.

Read a Variety of Books

Before your child goes to kindergarten in Bangkok or whatever city you live in, make sure you read to them every day if possible. Try to read all kinds of books to them and test their knowledge and understanding when you’ve finished. For example, read them a story about animals and test their vocabulary at the end by pointing at images and asking them to name the animal. To test their comprehension, ask them questions about the storyline to improve their critical thinking skills. Don’t overwhelm your child, spread each book out over time and make sure you use a variety of texts.

Explain the Basic Rules

It is good to explain some basic rules to your kids when reading, such as reading from front to back. You can also trace under the words as you read, which helps them to follow the story. Young kids may find it difficult to understand you, so try play some silly games to make it easier. Read a sentence backwards and ask them if it sounds funny.

Learn the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet before you go to kindergarten is highly beneficial. Try using letters and attach them to the names of your pet or some toy they like to play with. Show them the first letter in their name and ask them can they try and write it. There are so many online resources and apps nowadays that make learning the alphabet a lot of fun.

You can use catchy alphabet songs and phonics to help your child learn different sounds and letters. In addition, make use of magnetic letters and alphabet puzzles to make them think about what they’ve just learned.

Reading is one of the most important skills you’ll ever learn, so take some time to prepare your kids for kindergarten by ready to them as much as possible. They’ll get better and better while they attend kindergarten, but you can still help them along the way if you focus on some strategies before they start school.

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