Teacher Self-Care 101

As a teacher, just how meaningful are the connections you’re making outside of the classroom? Nowadays, it’s easy for students and parents to connect with teachers via email and other online platforms. Have you ever considered that these limited connections could be negatively contributing to your work-life balance? Parents and students should never be the only form of connection you’re making while going through the weeks of the school year. With busy work schedules, it can be difficult to socialize with family and friends. However, doing so is paramount for maintaining your mental health. Socializing can also be a great stress reliever. Consider scheduling outings, dinner dates and more with friends, family members and neighbors to truly enjoy your time outside of the classroom and gain a healthier work-life balance. Interested in learning more about self-care methods for teachers? Try some of the methods found within the resource paired alongside this postTeacher Self-Care 101.

Teacher Self-Care 101, a resource created by Curriculum Associates; an organization offering educators and their students diagnostic assessment tools.

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