Every interview begins with the exact same question: Tell me about yourself. On paper, the question appears to be simple. But this query is intended to ease any awkwardness and help you feel more at ease throughout the interview. However, these and other interview questions about you could be a little nerve-wracking for some individuals.

These questions might be challenging to respond to if you don’t enjoy bragging about yourself. They are, nevertheless, a good technique for the hiring manager to gain insight into your personality, so ready to answer them. Learn how to how to Tell Me about Yourself will affect your whole interview.

Why do interviewers ask you to “Tell me about yourself”

This question is also a fantastic way to begin and can influence how the interview will go. Based on what you say, they will be able to choose what to ask you next, which might lead to a series of follow-up questions, create a natural flow in the discussion, and assist recruiters and hiring managers achieve one of their main objectives in the recruiting process: getting to know you.

The interviewers will learn why you are the ideal applicant for this position in terms of both hard talents and soft skills if you respond to the question properly.

How to Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

Even if you have a list of your strongest credentials for the position, a more reserved demeanour will definitely enable you to connect with the interviewer on a more personal level.

One strategy for your response is to list a few of your extracurricular activities that have nothing to do with your line of work:

  • Some examples of passion-driven hobbies are quilting, chess, singing, football, skiing, tennis, etc.
  • Activities like long-distance running or yoga that show off your fit, vivacious side are worthwhile to discuss.

Follow the beneficial Interview Tips that come up on google. It will also help you a lot to ace the interview from the very start.

“Tell me about yourself” sample answers

Example answer #1

After graduating with a business degree in 2010, I was given an account management position at a telecoms firm where I had interned.” Although I like managing and expanding my accounts and interacting with consumers, I didn’t particularly enjoy the business sector we were in. After that, I stayed for a whole year and gained a lot of knowledge on how to properly establish and manage accounts. I walked out after a year to pursue a very similar job in the healthcare sector, which is why I’m seeking a new opportunity.

Example answer #2

So, I’m an account executive at ABC, and I manage our most-prioritized clients. Prior to that, I worked at a marketing firm where I worked with three different national healthcare companies. And, while I thoroughly liked my work, I’d love the opportunity to go further into one specific healthcare organization, which is why I’m so delighted about this possible chance with XYZ Health Centre.

Wrapping Up

Be straightforward. Avoid monopolizing the conversation with your response. You are not required to tell the hiring manager everything that you believe makes you a strong applicant. You may start the interview off strongly by providing a few key pieces of information that will pique their curiosity in knowing more about you.

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